Sex without erection exists

You can make love in any situation, even if a man has no erection. And this is not oral sex or hand stimulation, but full penetration. How to do this? How to cope with erectile dysfunction in bed, so that the partner is satisfied?

Lack of an erection is not a sentence

If there are health problems, if arousal does not occur, this is not a reason to refuse sex. In the modern world, a variety of products have been created that help to cope with this problem. Of course, the problem must be solved by contacting the doctors. Doctors will help diagnose and restore health. But while undergoing treatment, there is no need to refuse sex . With the complete absence of an erection, the falloprostheses come to the rescue. These are devices for men that visually resemble the penis. At the same time, the structure is hollow inside. The penis is inside the falloprosthesis, and you can give pleasure without fear of falling. Male strap-on, as the falloprostheses are also called, can be of any shape or size. It is sometimes bought by couples who want to try a big cock in action. is he 

 mounted on the body with straps or panties . It is tight to the touch, so a man does not feel pleasure from translational movements, but can get moral satisfaction.

How is the falloprosthesis used?

Before sex, they put it on the body. So that he sat comfortably, does not move during frictions, the belts are adjusted to the shape of the body. It is worth setting it up only once, so that later it is comfortable to use constantly.

Sex toys can be used for vaginal and anal sex. But so that the penetration is smooth, and the movements do not cause discomfort, it is worth using a lubricant . A water based lubricant will make use convenient. Some falloprostheses are equipped with vibration. It is felt by both participants in the process, therefore, it increases the arousal of women and men. The more work speeds, the more interesting the application.   

Erectile Dysfunctional Sex

If a man’s arousal occurs, but during intimacy a member “falls off”, there are other devices for having sex. For example, a vacuum pump and an erection ring. This is a great kit that guarantees success in bed.

A vacuum pump causes blood flow to the penis. An erection can be obtained in 2-3 minutes . But there must be initial excitement, albeit small. In the pump to place a member with only a light erection. It is more difficult to work with a limp organ. When the pump managed to bring about the desired result, it is removed, and an erection ring is located at the base of the penis. It does not allow the excitement to disappear, it retains an erection until the end of sexual intercourse. With a vacuum pump and a ring, a man can be sure that sexual intercourse will be successful. This kit gives confidence , while it is completely safe. This is a great alternative to medications that have many contraindications. 


Exciting creams with a weak erection

If there is an erection, but you want to make it more confident, if you need to maintain your abilities in sex, you can use intimate cosmetics. Creams and gels for men are produced, enhancing an erection.

How does the cream work? It causes blood flow to the penis, and this guarantees a “confident boner.” The action of the cream lasts from 20 to 40 minutes. At the same time, the sensations from penetration become much brighter, all the touches give more pleasant experiences. If you use the cream regularly, many nerve endings are activated. Sex is becoming more enjoyable and interesting. 

If a man has problems with an erection, it’s not scary. He can continue to make love, give pleasant experiences to his sexual partner. With falloprostheses, erection rings and special creams, you can satisfy your loved one and get a lot of new impressions.

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