Exhibitionism is not a disease. How to show yourself without harming others

Exhibitionism is a demonstration of a naked body to strangers, in most cases people of the opposite sex are chosen as witnesses. The purpose of undressing in public is to grab the attention of a crowd and generate emotions such as surprise, fear, or interest. The indifference of the public will not satisfy the needs of the exhibitionist and can lead to an attack of aggression.

There are two types of exhibitionism: false , when a person is naked for hooligan motives, and true , when a person does not control his actions.  

Most of the exhibitionists are fairly young men, usually under the age of 40. In some cases, exhibitionists are quite successful, married, financially secure and have a certain social status; in others, they have low self-esteem, are shy and have problems communicating with the opposite sex.

The reasons for the appearance of exhibitionism

Sexologists and psychologists dealing with the problem believe that in some cases exhibitionism is a kind of reaction to the appearance of clothes and widespread public opinion about the shame of nudity.

Sometimes the causes of this sexual disorder lie in early childhood due to psychological trauma, for example, parents caught masturbating or, conversely, the child witnessed adult sexual games.

Often, physiological injuries are to blame – damage to certain areas of the brain.

Chronic alcoholism can also cause sexual pathology, often people naked in public places are intoxicated.

Should Exhibitionism Be Treated?

Followers of the exhibitionist movement refute the conventional opinion about their own abnormality and argue that they simply want to erase the boundaries of the unlawful. Lovers of nude everywhere and everywhere even came up with their own vocabulary of professional terms:

  • godiving – nakedness without witnesses, for example, walking naked around the room or sunbathing on the roof of a high-rise building. These people are not looking for someone else’s attention, they are excited by the thought that someone will accidentally notice them.
  • raisa – nudity in front of a loved one, who photographs or filming the process on camera and at the same time insures against the appearance of unwanted witnesses.
  • flashing – public display of a naked body.

In the first two cases, the intervention of psychologists or sex therapists is not required, since the exhibitionist does not violate public order. In the third, long-term psychiatric or therapeutic treatment may be required.

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Exhibitionist – male or female?

It is generally accepted that only males are exposed in public, but this is not so. According to the research results, it was concluded that exhibitionistic tendencies are manifested in more than 4% of women and only 1.8% of men.

How to show yourself without harming others

In most cases, society has an extremely negative attitude towards exhibitionists, considering them to be crazy or sociopaths. But what about the one who wants to show his body without being known as a pervert, an masturbator and, in general, an immoral person? Oddly enough, there are many options:

  • You can visit nudist beaches, as there certainly no one will look with condemnation. This option is suitable for both sexes.
  • Men can flaunt their torso or shirts that are unbuttoned more than they should, aroused by the thought of someone looking at them.

Girls have more opportunities to demonstrate their own body:

  • It is allowed to be on any beach topless.
  • You can wear short skirts or dresses with a deep neckline, causing the envy of the surrounding women and the undisguised delight of men passing by.

But the opportunity to show yourself is not limited to crowded places, and within the walls of the house you can also appear in all its glory, for example, forgetting to close the bathroom door or dance a striptease for your beloved man. A special highlight in a relationship with a partner can be the process of self-satisfaction in front of his eyes.

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