Penis pumps: from piston to chip. Introducing our own proven collection

Trainee: the simplicity of a classic design

Just a flask with just a pump, we called the Intern. Here everything is necessary and nothing superfluous: a transparent colorless wall – in order to notice when it is time to stop; two scales: metric (centimeters) and imperial (inches) – to measure yourself and see your progress; a piston pump with a simple handle – to operate with one hand and achieve such pressure that even carry the window panes (just look at what’s going on in the review!); valve for equalizing pressure inside and outside (bleed air) – in order to finish everything at the moment when it is required. For added pleasure – and the penis is very sensitive when inflated – the Trainee may have a vibrator. 

Mechanic: precise control

If you use the pump not only and not so much for pleasure, but to warm up your cavernous bodies and their – in the future – growth, pressure control will be most important for you.

As in any physical exercise: the load should be strictly dosed, regular and increasing.

Therefore, we have included a simple pump with a built-in pressure gauge in the Mechanics line . And yes, there is also an option with a vibrator, so that sometimes the training went particularly well. When you don’t want any worries, choose a Specialist. Its electric motor (powered by current from AAA batteries) works “linearly” – in one mode – and reaches a pressure difference of minus 35 kilopascals from atmospheric at the time of application. Please note: in the review, the test folder falls, but this is a very, very heavy load on the penis. For trained users only. And very useful here is that the pump maintains the level on its own. Even if the air is slightly vented, the pump immediately automatically pumps it up. It’s good when you yourself – to give yourself a little rest – will slightly bleed the air with a button. And this is useful for loose fit due to pubic hair.  


Master: Real Automaton

The wizard opens a collection of rechargeable pumps, in which the control head is easily separated from the flask. We are very pleased to offer you this solution! Because the flask is always soiled with grease, and it must be washed. With soap. And the electronics do not need to be washed. You can’t even. Usually in such cases it was necessary to use special cleaning agents. And now you can tap water – just remove the top first. The Master has three levels of work intensity (pressure), which are regulated by pressing a button. For ordinary people, not tough professionals, the first two levels are enough. The second button bleeds air. The Master has an interesting option – with a folding flask. It is especially convenient to store and carry with you in your bag, which is good for travelers. 


Extreme: extraordinary power

Extreme Recharge Pump – Reinforced Wizard equivalent. He has five power levels, and it rises from minus 10 to minus 50 kPa. To make it more pleasant, we made two buttons on the control panel to switch them – plus and minus – and another mandatory third, “release”.  


Expert: vacuum massage

The expert looks very similar to Extreme – to look at his socket. And here is the LCD screen! It shows the battery level, the operating mode number, and the timer. What for? The expert “sucks” is not stupid. He does it in waves – in cycles of 23 seconds: he takes air to a certain pressure level, then he bleeds it off a little to a certain value, then, with a new qi, Modes determine how powerful the “vacuum” will be. This is real gymnastics! And yes: the sensations are cosmic. 

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