He doesn’t want sex. 5 reasons why this happens

There is a stereotype that men want more sex than women. But statistics say that this is not entirely true. About 64% of married women are dissatisfied with their sex life with their spouse. And of these, more than half of the ladies would like more frequent sex. So why do men refuse to make love? Why do they have headaches more and more often?

There are many reasons for refusals, and isolated cases when he does not want to – this is the norm. But if there is no sex for several weeks, if he does not respond to the manifestation of the spouse’s initiative, it is worth studying the problem. It is necessary to find out the reasons for what is happening. The most common are only 5, and knowing about them, you can fix everything.

1. Great responsibility

Daily work, stressful situations, uncertainty about finances or the expectation of some results are factors that greatly depress the nervous system. If they are short-lived, this is not scary, on the contrary, it spurs a person to great achievements. But if stress is constant, it affects libido. A man simply does not want sex, he has no strength for it. But at the same time he can masturbate in secret from his wife. It’s just that sex is also a responsibility, you need to devote time to a woman, bring her to orgasm, but he simply does not have the strength to do it.

How to be in such a situation? Take a vacation. A few days’ rest will help you recover. In order for the desire to reappear, it is necessary to give the man a couple of days of freedom from worries. At this time, you should not demand something from him, you need, on the contrary, to create all the conditions for relaxation. And then it’s worth discussing how to change your life so that there are as few lengthy tresses as possible.

2. Disease

There are dozens of male diseases that affect potency. For example, prostatitis. It affects more than 50% of men over the age of 45. The symptoms of diseases are different: from general weakness to impotence. And when signs of illness appear, he either does not have the strength for intimacy, or he is afraid that nothing will work out in bed. It is very important for him to comply with certain “norms”, and it is very difficult to admit problems. As a result, he avoids marital debt.

What if he refuses sex due to illness? It is worth closely monitoring his health. If he goes to a doctor, support him in every possible way. It is important to make it clear that any consequences are not critical, that it is important to restore well-being, and not think about exploits in bed. And with the right course of treatment, in most cases, everything can be corrected.

3. Mood

If a person is constantly depressed, he also does not want sex. He is constantly irritated, dissatisfied, apathetic. This could be a sign of menopause, men have it. This period begins at the age of 45 to 55, and may last up to several years. But testosterone deficiency gives similar symptoms. Sometimes you need to be tested for hormones to identify the cause and eliminate it.

Diet affects mood. If he tries to correct his figure, there is a chance that the desire will disappear. Lack of vitamins or other substances negatively affects arousal. But when you return to your normal diet, everything is restored.

How to respond to persistent bad moods? You need to communicate with a man, try to find out what does not suit him. And it is important to convey to the person the problem that sex is not enough. Only two people can find a way out, for example, use sex toys or help each other in arousal.

4. Changing roles

When living together, people change roles. At the beginning of a relationship, they are passionate lovers, but then everything changes. Sometimes the couple become friends. Sometimes a woman begins to behave like a mother towards her husband. And then the sex is gone. You must always remember that it is important to be interesting for a loved one, and not just an open book. Mystery attracts, so it is important to have your own space and interests, so as not to turn into “relatives” who are close, but not desired.

What if the relationship has changed? In this case, two people should try, not just a woman. It is important to start inventing something in bed. Transformations into new roles work very well. Costumes help to try on an image that is different from the usual, and it immediately becomes much more attractive. But the game must be supported by both he and himself, too, to surprise the woman with special behavior.

5. Treason

Sometimes sex is not only in the conjugal bed, but there is somewhere else. In the presence of another woman, he may simply not have enough strength for marital duty. And the presence of a new hobby makes a wife not very attractive, compared to a woman who inspires.

What if the reason for refusing sex is cheating? You need to make sure if this is really so. There is no need to blame him right away, the presence of a mistress is less common than male diseases. But if there is another, it will have to be decided. You can behave in different ways: ignore what is happening, demand to leave her, insist on divorce, etc. There is no correct option, everyone decides for himself.
There are many reasons for a man to refuse sex. Sexual desire depends on different circumstances, even excessive porn addiction or long hours in front of the computer affects. Scientists believe that normal sexual behavior is from 1 intercourse per day to 1 sex per month. There is no concept of “clear norm”. But if one of the partners is not satisfied with the amount of intimacy, you need to discuss it and look for ways to fix it. If he constantly refuses, you need to ask questions or contact specialists together.

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