How not to stand on the horns?

The world is full of men who would like to sleep with your woman. But the worst part is that sometimes your woman shares their desires. 

How could she do that?
You don’t cheat on her, you carry flowers home, you say beautiful words, you don’t go on long business trips with a secret agent in Bangladesh, you don’t sleep drunk in the curbs, in general, you are just a sight for sore eyes and even love cats. So what …, she asks, she still needs. The very first question we ask in such cases is “why?”. And only then “with whom?”, “When?” and “how?” – but this is all the lyrics, little to do with the matter. So why!!!  

Well , if it comforts someone, then here is a list of reasons why women most often cheat on their positive, loving, caring and, in general, perfectly normal men. (And who are they cheating with, my God, my goodness …) 

1. Because she was already 25 (30, 35 – it doesn’t matter) Oh, those birthdays are a complete stress from them. Now she just needs to get confirmation that she is still young, attractive and can start all over again at any time. And around and scoundrels teeming, ready to give her this confirmation at Ain moment. 

How not to get on the horns
On her birthday, give her in all seriousness something about the fact that she has blossomed and prettily over the past year. Do not forget to periodically insert into your conversations expressions such as “well, with your childhood smile”, “you really do not need all these creams” and “you become a real beauty”. 

2. Because her best friend is that little thing. And this little thing is often desperately needed by someone who can go with her to meet that cool guy. Which reported that it was not clear why he would bring some Sergun with him. And Sergun will need to take something so that he does not get confused under the feet. Yes, and hanging around clubs and discos in search of new interesting acquaintances is much easier if you have the right company for this. 

How not to stand on the horns of
Hody with them third. And everyone will be happy, with the exception of Serguni, who will have to do today with talks about football and carburetors.

3. Because you communicate with her as
if you were a younger sister. If you call her only as Katyukha, when you meet her, you ruffle her hair in a friendly manner, and when you watch her put on an evening dress with her back open, you gag and let out merry comments, know that you take a great risk. Whatever her sociable nature and her own girl, she is still a woman. And women are such strange creatures that die when they are told that they have eyes like stars, lips like rubies, and they themselves are refined natures with high aspirations. M-yes-s, Katerina Ivanovna … can such a creature be appreciated by a rude, primitive man?   

How not to get on the horns
First, try to learn how to kiss her hand. If at this moment you terribly want to play indecent sound with your lips – refrain. Pulling her chair in the restaurant, do not pull it back at the very last moment – anyway, she has long known this joke. 

4. Because you use it like a doll from a sex shop.
Yes, everything is just great in bed … but sex, after all, is not all. It is not surprising that one day she begins to run to meetings with another. Which, although it doesn’t suit you, you can spend hours with interest listening to her opinion on the political situation in East Timor – even if at that moment his ears are usually held tightly in her lap. 

How not to stand on the horns
Learn to turn sometimes into one big ear. And then she will not mind your regular transformations into another part of the body.

5. Because she wants something new.
Women also like diversity. But it’s not easy to wait for us – we don’t have a habit of changing hair color every three months, we wear the same jeans for ten years , we don’t have any sudden urge to go and sign up for hatha yoga courses, embroidery with stitching and shorthand at the same time. In the best case, a woman who is longing for new things will start having sex with you with her eyes closed. And, preferably, right after the series with some immortal highlander, Texas ranger or tin man. At worst , she will head in search of these most immortal lumberjacks. And pretty quickly find them.   

How not to stand on the horns
Don’t be afraid to try new things. A new style of clothing, a new haircut and new hobbies will save you from the routine not only in sex but also in life.

6. Because she has depression.
A woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown is an attractive object for all loitering men. She will be sluggish to resist, and her requests are small. She, by and large, needs only one thing: sympathy and comfort. And they, these subchiki, are always happy to give a pretty girl the opportunity to sob into the wool on their chest. 

How not to get on the horns
If you yourself turn out to be a bad psychologist, try to send her to the present.

7. Because you stopped trying in bed.
At the same time, her philanthropic nature does not allow her to express her claims directly. Indeed , she had read many clever books and knows how badly her partner’s recognition that he does not satisfy her enough can affect a man. This leads to stress, to a breakdown, to impotence in the end. So she visits this rogue three times a week with an exceptionally noble purpose – to save you from impotence. Thanks to her for that, of course.  

How not to get on the horns
From the very beginning, ask her directly to say what she wants from you in sex. You can read more about this in the August issue of MN in the article “Blah blah blah I will!” 

8. Because you quarreled to the utmost
After you called her with various interesting words and temporarily left for your mother, the sense of duty towards her sharply crawled down and froze at zero. And then, how to do nothing, the action “I take revenge – and my revenge is terrible.” You left her? Gave up. Exactly fifteen and a half minutes ago.  

How not to stand on the horns
Do not declare that you “leave forever” if you are not going to do it.

9. Because the couple you are familiar with just put an end to their life together
And, as often happens, the female part of this couple immediately changed their hair style, got a bunch of fans and rushed to burn life at parties, picnics and on tourist trips. A bad example is contagious – your half also began to think that life passes by it and, in the end, family values are not everything …   

How not to get on the horns
Urgent acquaintance of the “divorce-broshenka” with your friend Denis Petrovich, a passionate lover of children, quiet family life and home borsch. Perhaps she will peck at him.

10. Because you took her as a damsel.
Suppose, men this circumstance usually only pleases. It’s nice to be the first and one of a kind. But also unsafe. In the end, she begins to experience an unstoppable need to experimentally confirm the fact that she’s better than you to never find anyone.

How not to get on the horns
Rejoice that your girlfriend already had this important life experience before meeting you, and don’t miss the young virgins – a lot of trouble is always guaranteed with them. 

11. Because she wants to get married.
And you don’t take her. Starting a romance on the side, she chases two hares at once. Firstly, a new friend may be more disposed to the Mendelssohn march than you, the insensitive cracker. Secondly, even if this one turns out to be the same, there is a chance that you will feel something was wrong and rush to her feet with a large wedding ring in her teeth.  

How not to stand on the horns
In life, there is always room for a feat. Try to get married or something … Just think, business: here our grandfathers used to go to tanks with bare hands. 

12. Because she had some important business with her ex.
They call back. They are texting. He asked her to temporarily hold his cacti. He urgently needs to meet with him, because he has regular troubles. And her “We just had a snack together” could almost certainly have been successfully continued “… because passion was hungry for each other.” No, she knows that changing is dishonest and wrong. But is this “treason”? In the end, she knew him longer than with you, and their relationship just did not have time to finally end.   

How not to get on the horns
Explain that these meetings are unpleasant for you and you do not intend to endure them longer. Yes, you are jealous. What does it mean, “are we civilized people?” Who dared say such disgusting things about you?

13. Because she wants to part with you.
But she has neither the time nor the desire to arrange a long showdown with heart-rending dialogues, painful scenes and the last and last meetings. Not all women love these dramatic events. Why would she listen to everything that you think about your relationship when the only thing she wants to hear is the sound of a door slamming behind you. After you found her with a veterinarian called to Sharik. In the position of doggy style. 

How not to get on the horns
Late to drink Borjomi. So just slam the door, without trying to stop someone’s tail and ears. And say thanks for ending so quickly.

14. Because you pay too much attention to her.
You are the most exemplary of all men. You fill her with flowers, carry her coffee to bed, and you’re ready to compliment her for hours. And most importantly, you sincerely believe that the other women are not even a fingernail on the little finger of your treasure. What you never get tired of regularly reminding her. But one fine day you come home half an hour earlier than usual and find out that the neighbor from the first floor seems to share your opinion too. Very hard. 

How not to get on the horns
Before turning into a fluffy rug at her feet, think about whether she needs such a rug. Even if you are completely overwhelmed by her , do not give up on her mercy with all the giblets. Women do not like the vanquished.  

15. Because you are perfection itself. Women love when a man is confident in himself. But everything must have its limits. If you sincerely believe that there is nothing more wonderful than your person in the world, that you honor your partner and be with her forever, and you will never find anyone, even at least half as valuable, know that they will cheat on you. And regularly. It’s necessary for her to raise self-esteem clogged by you with someone. And she is clogged with her with such an account that there is less to do with than a district football team. 

How not to get on the horns
Stop playing your own gates and let her sometimes be better than you. And do not hesitate to voice it.

16. Because you flirt with everything that moves,
and it doesn’t matter at all that you do not use the fruits of your victories, but honestly bring the accumulated emotions to your conjugal bed. Perhaps it would be easier for your girlfriend to come to terms with the fact that you periodically go with a secret inspection of strip clubs than to watch how you have been flirting with this busty cow before her eyes for an hour. But she won’t leave it like that either … 

How not to stand on the horns
Never test her pride and wisdom. One may be too much, and the other too few. If the two of you, do not pay too much attention to other women.

17. Because this new guy at her work is a rare handsome man . Unlike you, he always has something to talk about with her. Unlike you, he is always shaved and well-dressed in her company. Unlike you, he does not make scandals when she lingers at work. And in general, he is always around – they work together, have lunch, go on business trips. 

How not to get on the horns
Invite her to invite him more often to your home and to joint parties. Since she is friends with him on duty, make friends with him and you. The risk that they will have an office romance will be reduced by at least half.

18. Because she has a longing for luxury.
You are just a wonderful guy. She loves you for who you are. She likes your crumpled T-shirts, your habit of eating chips in bags, your friends Lech and Igoryakh, your sneakers, from which you can’t get out either at home or on the street. And she also likes that you will never be allowed to go to the La Luna restaurant in these sneakers, where she sometimes meets a certain Eduard, who not only wears cloves in his coat’s buttonhole, but also understands that any woman just needs mascara from Elizabeth Arden for $ 78 per tube.

How not to get on the horns
Remember the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”? There, one cute, relaxed lifestyle monster, for the sake of female whims, was forced to turn into a show-off prince. Follow the same principle. And you don’t need to turn forever at all – why such sacrifices? It’s enough if you periodically make her beautiful. A couple of times a month. And in the remaining time you can safely forget about dude shoes and French restaurants. And on a name day, instead of the electric swatter planned by you, give her this mascara. Let him know that for you the female soul is also not dark.  

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