Why do sex toys fail?

Over time, sex toys break, and this is often a surprise. This situation is unpleasant, especially if your favorite device is broken. Why is this happening? How to extend the life of intimate things?

The reasons for the breakdown of sex toys

Why did this item break down? There can be thousands of answers; each situation has its own story. But there are repeated reasons why the toy with the motor stopped turning on:

  • Water has entered. If the device is not waterproof, wash it very carefully. Through the seams and openings, liquid must not enter. And you can’t leave such a thing in a humid room, it also spoils the internal mechanism. 
  • The toy fell or was hit. Modern devices for sex are high-tech things, inside there are a lot of small details. When they fall or hit, they lose contact or break, it is almost impossible to restore it. 
  • The battery is out of order. Battery life is several years. First, its capacity decreases, it works less, and then it completely stops charging. This happens after 3-5 years of operation, and replacing the power source will not work. 
  • “The batteries are leaking.” If the model is with batteries, it is important to remove them when not in use. They can ruin a toy, and this happens more often than it seems. Keep batteries and vibrator separate. 
  • Wired off. If the model has a remote control on the wire, you can accidentally pull the cord and the contact will be lost. With such toys you need to be very careful. And do not bend the wires so that no breaks occur inside. 

These are obvious reasons, they are immediately obvious. It happens differently, the breakdown is visible, and why it happened is not clear. These are the situations:

  • The texture has changed. The surface has become rough, uneven or even sticky. There are many reasons: from poor-quality material to the wrong lubricant. If you use oil instead of grease, the surface will deteriorate, not the first time, but rather quickly. 
  • Chips or cracks appeared. It happens on solid toys. For example, plastic toys crack. Rhinestones sometimes fall from the base of the anal plugs. This happens due to shock, tough exploitation. 
  • There was an unpleasant smell. If the device is not cleaned, it starts to smell. This often happens with masturbators with sperm inside. Or the device was washed with a product that reacted with the surface. Disinfect, for example, with alcohol, toys is prohibited. 

It is important to understand the cause of the breakdown so that it does not occur again in the future.

What to do with a broken toy?

No need to try to save the device by any means. It is better to immediately throw it away so that it does not pose a threat to health. Sex toys come in contact with the most delicate parts of the body, so any health threat is unacceptable. Chips can hurt, bacteria inside can cause inflammation. But a phallic vibrator that no longer turns on can still be used as a dildo. 

Is it possible to repair a sex toy?

Theoretically, this is possible, but there are very few workshops that will decide on this. A massager with an inconspicuous shape can take it, but many will refuse to restore the phallus .

Repair is often impossible , as the integrity of the item is violated. Often, sex products are completely covered with silicone, and the tightness will be broken if you look inside. Any cut of the material will violate the integrity, it will not be possible to connect the parts without a visible and tangible seam.

And repair parts will cost more than a new sex toy. Indeed, in recent years, many brands have appeared that offer high-tech devices for modest money. Finding and picking up a battery is actually harder and more expensive than buying a new item. 

Warranty damage

If the sex product fails while it is under warranty, it will be replaced . You need to go to the store where the purchase was made, there they will pick it up and provide a new replacement. If you carefully treat a sex toy, it will last several years. It is important not to drop it, not to strike too hard, not to try to open, so as not to violate the integrity. And yet – it is worth choosing quality products that are designed for long-term use. 

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