How to do a prostate massage yourself

For the treatment and prevention of diseases of the male reproductive system (prostatitis), urologists often prescribe prostate massage. Most patients prefer to perform it on their own, without resorting to the services of doctors.

But such a procedure has many nuances that should be taken into account: before doing prostate massage at home on your own, you need to master the technique of the procedure, find the prostate itself, mentally tune in to this type of therapy.

Advantages and disadvantages of self-medication

Prostate massage is a very responsible and delicate procedure. It is carried out rectally, that is, it involves the introduction of a finger or a special device into the anus. Many patients are embarrassed by such treatment, preferring to carry out self-massage of the prostate.

This treatment at home has several advantages. So, the patient can completely relax, which will positively affect the results of treatment, because the stronger the physical stress, the harder it is to insert a finger into the anus.

Also, a man can conduct sessions at any time convenient for him, without being distracted from work and personal plans.

Performing prostate massage on your own, you need to be sure that the impact on the organ will be gentle and accurate, and that such treatment will bring not only benefits, but also pleasure.

But prostate massage at home has its drawbacks.

The first is the technique. It is not always possible for a patient to carry out the treatment correctly, since he is not familiar with the peculiarities of the physiological structure and it is difficult for him to understand how well he carries out the procedure.

Complicates the procedure and the position of the body: not everyone can insert a finger into the anus. If these problems have been overcome, then you can easily do a prostate massage to yourself.

The nuances of self-treatment

When massaging the prostate with a finger, the main goal of treatment is to combat chronic prostatitis, inflammation of the prostate. But it can be performed only after consultation with the attending doctor, excluding all possible contraindications.

Self-massage is effective in any inflammatory processes, but it can provoke the growth of an existing benign tumor or its transformation into a cancerous one. Therefore, before performing the procedure, you should undergo an ultrasound of the prostate gland.

The main task of the patient is to relax as much as possible. After inserting the finger, you need to carefully listen to your feelings: for example, slight discomfort in the first seconds. Such discomfort quickly passes, and it becomes quite pleasant to perform the treatment.

Features of preparation

The main task of the patient is to relax as much as possible

Before you do a prostate massage yourself, you need to prepare for it. So, you will need to thoroughly wash the genitals and anus. If it was not possible to free the intestines naturally, do an enema.

Hands should be washed with antibacterial soap and sterile gloves should be worn. Next, a lubricant is applied to the hand or fingers to facilitate penetration. You can take an improvised remedy (massage oil, petroleum jelly, baby cream) or a special ointment.

Then you should lie down correctly: on your right side, pulling your knees to your chest. It is in this position that the massage is performed as correctly as possible. Massage can be done at home at any time convenient for the patient.

How to find the prostate?

If a man decides to massage himself, he must be able to find the prostate gland. It’s simple: after 4-5 cm from the anus, the finger will rest against a dense “nut” – this is the prostate, which should be massaged. A full bladder will help facilitate her search, so one of the important rules of preparation is to refrain from visiting the toilet .

How to massage an organ?

Having found the desired organ, you can begin to massage it. The technique for performing the first two sessions involves only stroking movements: the exercise consists in circular rotation of the finger clockwise. From the third session, if there are no negative consequences from the treatment, after stroking, light pressure is applied to the prostate.

Having found the desired organ, you can begin to massage it

When performing, you need to carefully “listen” to your body: the main feature of home massage is the absence of pain, sharp backache, severe discomfort. Proper massage brings pleasure, erection or even ejaculation is also possible.

The massage scheme at home implies daily procedures for 2-3 minutes. If therapy is carried out to prevent prostatitis, massage can be done twice a week.

Improper massage causes pain, severe discomfort. The fact that the procedure was carried out incorrectly can be told by traces of blood in the urine or seminal fluid – a clear sign of damage to internal organs.

Urine may change: impurities or flakes will appear in it, it will become cloudy, dark yellow. Such phenomena must be reported to the urologist.

How can you treat at home?

In addition to the finger method, self-massage of the prostate can be carried out using special devices sold in pharmacies. The most convenient of them is a rectal massager.

Its appearance resembles a finger, only thinner. The massager is convenient to use, as the arm lengthens, more maneuverability appears. Such devices are divided by type of impact.

It can be:

  • electrostimulators ;
  • thermal;
  • vibration stimulators ;
  • ultrasonic.

Devices act on the prostate using electric current, heat, infrared radiation. But the result of treatment is the same for everyone – stimulation of the prostate, increased production of its secret.

The hot tub is also very popular. Its advantage is that it is used even if there are contraindications to this procedure. The therapy involves the introduction of herbal decoctions into the rectum and holding such an enema in the anus for half an hour.

For decoction, you can use:

  • chamomile officinalis;
  • stinging nettle;
  • plantain;
  • calendula.

It is also recommended to choose ready-made medicinal preparations against prostatitis, which are sold in pharmacies. Prepare them according to the instructions for use indicated on the package. Next, the broth is cooled to a temperature of 40 degrees, and with the help of a syringe is injected into the anus.

Prostate massage is carried out directly with water itself (thermal effect on the organ is useful), and healing herbs have a positive effect on the patient’s local immune system, accelerating the removal of pathogenic microflora from the gland.

External massage of the prostate gland will help eliminate discomfort from the procedure. Such treatment will not cause harm to the body, as it does not involve rectal penetration. It can also be carried out with existing contraindications to rectal massage.

  • The procedure begins with warming up the sacro-lumbar spine. This is an intense rubbing and kneading of the muscles with the fingers that wrap around the lower back. Movements are performed with four fingers, with the exception of the little finger, and the emphasis and the main load fall on the thumb.
  • Then you should go to the outer side of the thighs (on the inside, massage is not performed so as not to injure the lymph nodes).
  • Finish the massage by kneading the abdomen.

It should take no more than seven minutes to warm up each part of the body, then the movements become stroking, soothing. Such treatment helps to improve the blood supply to the pelvic organs, which will lead to an increase in the work of all internal organs.

When does the positive effect come?

The fact that the therapy gave the first results can be understood immediately after the session: the urine will become darker, cloudy. This is a sign of the release of prostatic secretion and harmful bacteria.

Clear signs of improvement in the functioning of the body are:

  • increased potency;
  • strong, long erection;
  • restoration of urination;
  • improvement in general well-being.

Such results occur already after the second or third session of therapy, and persist for a long period. After half of the procedures, it is advisable to take a urine test, the decoding of which will more accurately tell about the improvements in the functioning of the prostate.

Contraindications for the procedure

Massage of the prostate with a finger for a buzz is very useful, but it can only be done with the permission of a urologist, as there are many contraindications. So, stimulation of the prostate is prohibited in case of prostatic hyperplasia (prostate adenoma), cystic formations, hemorrhoids, exacerbation of prostatitis or other inflammatory processes of the reproductive system, including infectious diseases.

Even if self-therapy is carried out to prevent these diseases, their presence should be excluded before it starts, so medical consultation is mandatory.

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