Sexual experiments that need to be repeated regularly

Experiment means a method of researching something under certain conditions. This is new experience and new knowledge. But why repeat the experiments in bed if a similar experience has already been tried before? 

Experiments in bed are indispensable

To maintain a wonderful relationship with a man, many experts advise to regularly introduce some new products. They believe that previously untested sensations will help renew a long-forgotten passion, give new emotions and increase a man’s interest in you as a lover. But let’s be honest – regular experiments in the modern world are unrealistic! How much specialized literature should a woman read to “surprise” and “catch” a man with novelties? And is it really necessary?

A long-term relationship will help you determine what exactly your loved one likes and what he dreams of. For example, he wanted to try a new pose or love game, but hesitated to suggest it to you. Imagine what delight he will experience if you agree to a novelty! It’s also useful for strengthening your relationship.

Sometimes you need to add variety to your sex life. This will help your partner feel your interest in him. Every experiment can and should be repeated. But which of them are most useful for relationships, read on.

Role-playing games

It’s not enough to put on a nurse’s suit once and count on the man to try and calm down. He saw your willingness to play in bed, appreciated your skills and efforts. Now he dreams of repeating the previous experience. It is advisable to change the surroundings to bring in new sensations. Music, clothes, smell, your voice, hair style and behavior will pleasantly surprise your partner.

Today you are a nurse, a month later, when you were alone at home, you are already a naughty student. Through role-playing games, you subconsciously give the man instructions on what to do. If you are dressed like a Japanese schoolgirl, in a short skirt, white shirt (preferably on a naked body) and touching leggings, you will seem small and innocent. Immerse yourself in this image, allow yourself to relax and play as you please.

Be naughty, cocky, and naive at the same time. The man feels that you can be punished – slapped on your butt, thrown over your knee, commanding you, “forcing” you to make a blowjob while kneeling. He does not feel the desire to hurt you, because you are a sweet, innocent girl. But you also cannot be given a descent, because your behavior is unworthy of a diligent student. By the way, most men dream about role-playing games. Often they want to feel their power in bed. What, if not playing with a beloved and relaxed woman, will help you get used to the role?

BDSM elements

Many men hate having hard sex. They are not ready to use a bandage, strap-ons and other wonders of a sex shop. But if you determine the most appropriate positions, games and actions for your man, BDSM comes in handy. Remember, do you have passionate sex with your loved one, when he completely immerses himself in you and allows himself to be rude, violent and strong? If the answer is yes, you can safely invite him to tie you up. It is not necessary to buy handcuffs for this. A belt or scarf will work great, as long as you tie your hands firmly to the bed. As a rule, at such moments, a man feels permissiveness. He can tease you, stroking your body, slowly enter you, bringing you to screams and tears from frantic desire. If this is acceptable for you, you can ask your loved one to slap you in the face when he is in you. Or play rape. Try to break free, scratch his back, bite his ears, hands. The main thing is not to overstep the boundaries of what is permissible in your pair. 




Have you noticed how sometimes your man behaves lazily in bed? Sometimes it is from fatigue, sometimes – from the desire to give you the opportunity to lead the process. Do not give up such a chance. Saddle up your partner, drive yourself and him to a frenzy. You can command your loved one by telling him what to do. For example, from the top position, order the man to lick your breasts (if you like) or look into your eyes. Many couples claim that eye contact fills sex with sensuality and tenderness.

Change positions, decide for yourself when to stop and what role will be assigned to your partner during this experiment. Remember that sex should be fun for both of you, so don’t flirt. You will feel when a man is on the brink. Give him the opportunity to cum violently. 

Spontaneous sex

You are driving in a car, you are alone in a restaurant toilet, you went to the forest for firewood, you decided to take a bathroom together – use every opportunity to have a stunning, quick and unforgettable sex. You are guaranteed pleasure and adrenaline. How often a couple misses the most successful places and the chance to experiment, because someone is afraid to surrender to feelings. Your loved one may not expect such adventurism from you or is afraid to offer you quick sex. Surprise him! Sex in unexpected, public places, at the wrong time, and especially at the risk of being discovered, always renews the relationship. It sounds strange, but it is these experiments that men remember for the rest of their lives and are grateful to their beloved for this experience. 


You need to experiment

The experiments listed above will not be able to harm the moral and physical health of a woman. If you follow these tips carefully, repeat them in practice at least once a month, your sexual relationship will never seem insipid to you. And a man will feel like the best lover in the world when he sees that his woman is ready to do anything for him. Experiment, love each other and anticipate the desires of a man! Then it is guaranteed to be yours and only yours.

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