The whole truth about sex shops

Since historical times, people have used various additional devices in sexual pleasures. Someone wanted to enhance the orgasm, someone tried to find an alternative to a partner, and someone simply tried to diversify their intimate life since then a lot of time has passed, and today such means in the widest range are offered by specialized sex shops . Unfortunately, not everyone dares to openly visit such outlets, and in vain. In order to relieve you of embarrassment, we will reveal some facts about specialty stores. 

1. Sex shop is a safe place where you can be yourself 

Going to an intimate store can be compared to visiting a temple. Do not think and worry that in an intimate store you will catch a sidelong glance at yourself, or someone will be ironic about your addictions. Stop being shy, drop your complexes and start asking questions. Sales consultants will help you make the right choice and find what interests you. Here you are always welcome and will help you make your intimate life bright and eventful.

2. Sellers are knowledgeable people 

A sex shop is a shop like many others. People who are hired here undergo special training , during which they master the psychology of the buyer, study the assortment and its purpose.

3. Lubrication 

Many female representatives suffer from dry genitals, which causes a lot of unpleasant sensations and awkward situations. The reason may be not only poor arousal, but also hormonal disruptions, pregnancy, medication (antidepressants or antihistomines ), etc. A lubricant will come to your aid in this matter , which can be found in a wide range in any sex shop .

4. It is necessary to respect the boundaries with the service personnel 

It’s good if in sex shops you feel free, relaxed, almost like at home. However, do not forget that it is still in a public place. Respect the privacy of the service personnel and do not make them indecent offers. A sex shop is not a bardel , and therefore observe the boundaries of what is permitted. 

5. Toys are safer to buy in a store 

It is worth remembering that no one on the Internet will advise you on the correct, safe and optimal use of sex toys. For example, did you know that most vibrators can be used during anal stimulation, while clitoral toys can stimulate the nipples and frenulum? And the seller is simply obliged to focus your attention on such nuances.
Now you are convinced that there is nothing terrible and shameful in visiting stores offering goods for intimate pleasures. Just remember that no one there will make fun of you, and respect the staff working there.

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