Typical Relationship Mistakes Different Zodiac Signs Make

Who has not experienced problems in their personal lives. Quarrels, misunderstandings, disagreements often lead to a break in relationships, but we want a truly happy and long relationship. To understand what mistakes are characteristic of different signs of the Zodiac, let’s turn to astrologers.


A categorical sign, which is characterized by straightforwardness and stubbornness. In a quarrel, he is not shy in expressions, which greatly offends his partner. He does this unintentionally, but under the influence of raging emotions that he is not able to control. He will go first to apologize, since he does not know how to hold a grudge for a long time, which is not always appreciated by others. The person who is always the first to admit guilt loses value in the eyes of others.


Earthiness, excessive practicality and fixation on the material interferes with him in relationships. It’s all about his calculation and sobriety. These qualities are acceptable in work and life, but in love, on the contrary, they interfere. Examining each potential partner “under a magnifying glass” does not characterize the Taurus in the best way.

Know how to let go of the situation, your emotions, and you will see that there will be more romance and lightness in the relationship.


Too light, unpredictable, ready for love adventures. He expects that his partner will always surprise and give new impressions. Does not accept boredom. This approach leads to the fact that it is difficult for him to create a strong, long-term alliance. He always lacks something and wants to get out into the wild.

To experience long-term happiness in a relationship, you need to be patient and pay more attention to your soul mate. It will be good for you to direct irrepressible energy to children. They will surely give you new pleasant emotions, and you will avoid mistakes in relationships.


Cancers are born to love. But the problem is that their love is too much. Excessive guardianship, care lead to the fact that cancer deprives its soul mate of personal space. He loves to interfere everywhere, which is annoying. From love, he is inclined to lose his head and is prone to excessive jealousy.

You should trust your partner and not look for a reason for jealousy. You must understand that love is not a cage, but a feeling of “wings behind your back.”

a lion

Strives for the ideal and tends to criticize the partner. He needs worship and admiration, so he feels invulnerable. Inflated pride does not allow him to tolerate criticism, which leads to conflicts. He, as a rule, is aimed at long-term relationships, which helps him in choosing life partners.

Your high demands attract the best partners to you. It is worth reducing the exactingness, and your ideal union will develop.


Too slow and careful. He looks closely, analyzes for a long time before rushing into the pool. If they decide, then they surrender to love completely. Virgos are characterized by excessive prudence and tediousness. His partner will have to deal with dryness and lack of romance. Moreover, the longer the relationship lasts, the more Virgos are seized by practicality and lack of emotions.

You should not put everyday duties above relationships. Love is not subject to a schedule where you can subordinate your partner to your schedule. It is worth learning to get out of your comfort zone so that boredom does not arise.


A calm and balanced representative of this sign is able to get along with the outside world. It is important for him how he looks in society, what they say about him, his status. Often he needs an appropriate partner, with whom he is not ashamed to “go out.”

You should learn to choose people not by their “wrapping”, but by their inner content, which will help to avoid disappointments in love.


This sign is characterized by causticity, jealousy and incredulity. It’s hard to get in touch with him. Not everyone can withstand his mood swings. Today he loves and burns with passion, and tomorrow he will be indifferent. He likes to keep everything under control, which makes it hard for him to relax.

You should allow your partner to make decisions without you. Learn to keep your mood in balance, and then your personal life will be much more successful.


A noisy, restless Sagittarius is looking for an endless holiday from life. It is difficult for him to calm down and be in silence. They are often lucky with their loved ones, his positive attitude attracts a lot of people. He should put his life on pause, as a respite is necessary not only for him, but also for his partner.

Your irrepressible energy will get tired faster than you think. Do not be afraid of boredom, peace, at times, is more expensive than the intensity of emotions.


Excessive independence and unwillingness to listen to a partner prevent him from building a happy relationship. When he loves, he does not show feelings. He is not one of those who arrange romantic dinners and read poetry.

You should sometimes take off the mask of indifference so that loved ones can see your love. Don’t be too serious.


He wants to be in time everywhere, go everywhere and maintain relationships. He does not tolerate infringement on his freedom. It is important for him to manage his time as he sees fit.

If your partner is important to you, put him first, and everything else can wait. It is impossible to be in time everywhere, prioritize.


This zodiac sign is prone to illusions, idealizes a partner. It can endure for a long time, and then drive itself into apathy. Take out anger on loved ones. Long experiences, life troubles deprive him of strength.

It is useful for you to be in silence, to be with yourself. Know that there are no perfect people. And the sooner you understand this, the less you will be disappointed in love. Learn to love for actions, and not in spite of everything.

It is up to you to believe in horoscopes or not, but in order not to make mistakes in love affairs, it is useful to get hints from the stars.

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