What gives a woman one-time sex

The times of long courtship and subtle flirting are gradually fading into the past, giving way to modern democratic views and lightning-fast relationships. What was previously considered seditious is now becoming quite commonplace, such as one-time meetings of an intimate nature. If until recently representatives of the stronger sex were looking for a similar format of dating, today women themselves prefer one-off sex. What attracts such connections to the weaker sex?

Emotional and physical relief

Sex perfectly relieves stress and nervous tension. We just need regular physical intimacy to prevent various diseases and get rid of negativity. American scientists conducted a study in which more than 300 students from various colleges took part. Young people were asked to keep diaries of sexual feelings. After examining the records of the subjects, the scientists concluded that those who practiced one-off sex felt much happier and more cheerful than those who gave up on fickle relationships.
Modern women no longer view sex as a way of procreation. Today, physical needs come to the fore, giving way to chastity and morality. Intimacy is perceived as a medicine, exercise and an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.


Often, women in a one-off sex are looking for new and vivid impressions. Each new partner provides new sensations, including the process of seduction. Such girls find long-term relationships with a constant partner boring and monotonous and see no reason to limit themselves to just one man for life.

No commitment

Not only men, but also modern women are not always ready to take on obligations in relationships. A permanent partner is responsibility and the need to adapt and make compromises. Entering into a serious relationship, it becomes necessary to work on feelings, find a common language with the numerous relatives of the chosen one, and this is not always a pleasant process, therefore women are looking for freedom in their personal lives.

A way to forget past relationships

After breaking up with a regular partner, some women seek comfort in a disposable relationship. They believe that new acquaintances, flirting and male attention will heal their mental wounds and save them from prolonged depression. For some, this method helps, but psychologists say that this is not the best way to get over the breakup.

Bright orgasms

Researchers are confident that most often women seek one-off sex during ovulation. It is then that they are most open to intimate enjoyment. Closeness with an unfamiliar partner increases the degree of arousal and provides a woman with the most vivid emotions from intercourse.
When deciding on one-off sex, do not worry about what they think of you or how it will affect your moral character. The main thing that should concern you is the safety that contraceptives will fully provide . Sex should be enjoyable, and with whom it will be and how many times – it’s only your own business and choice.

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