What to do if a weak erection

Nothing hurts a man’s self-esteem more painfully than the loss of male strength – weak, bad potency. Its causes and treatment are well understood, which means that everyone has the hope of overcoming adversity.

According to statistics, one in three men at least once in their life faced erectile dysfunction, and after 50, every second has cause for concern. 

Types of erectile dysfunctions

  1. Primary erectile dysfunction – never in my life has been able to perform normal sexual intercourse.  
  2. Secondary – the appeared lethargy of the penis, occurs much more often. 

Secondary dysfunction means that previously no manifestations of weak potency have been observed. Her signs:

  • deterioration has occurred sharply or gradually:
    • despite sexual arousal, the penis remains sluggish, there is a weak erection;
    • the penis that has reached the required hardness, when trying to insert it into the vagina, suddenly falls.

It is impossible to have normal sex. As a result, both partners experience stress. This starts a “vicious circle.”

Why are there problems with potency?

The reasons are divided into 3 groups:

  • organic;
  • psychogenic;
  • mixed.

Among the causes of organic erectile dysfunction, there are 5 types:

vascularassociated with pathology of arteries, veins
neurogeniccondition of spinal nerves, osteochondrosis, multiple sclerosis
endocrinehypothyroidism, adrenal pathology, pituitary adenoma
anatomicaldevelopmental defects, conditions after trauma, cavernous fibrosis, Peyronie’s disease
medicinalstatins, beta-blockers, thiazide series of diuretics, antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, drugs, estrogens

It can take a long time to list medications that negatively affect an erection. Fortunately, modern pharmacology has become available with new drugs that have no (or to a lesser extent) side effects.

Third generation antidepressants (serotonin reuptake inhibitors)FluvoxamineCitalopramExcitalopramSertraline
Diureticalmost all
AntifungalKetoconazole, Fluconazole

Psychogenic ED is:

  • generalized – lack of libido or its age-related suppression, chronic disorder of sexual behavior; 
  • situational (caused by a partner, personal insecurity, or depression). 

Mixed forms of weak potency combine causes from both groups.

In addition, the following factors weaken the potency:

  • drinking a lot of alcohol;
  • nicotine addiction;
  • unhealthy diet with a predominance of fatty foods or fast food;
  • low physical activity, sedentary work;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • overweight / obesity.

More often, the potency begins to decline for organic reasons, the psychogenic factor works in 20%.

Among organic, the vascular occupy the leading place. Parents of boys who have varicocele are often worried about the sexual function of the future man. There is no direct negative effect, but long-term unoperated increasing varicocele leads to overheating of the testicles, and testosterone production decreases. This lowers libido, and then the erection can weaken.

Blood rheology disorders and potency

Liquid, well-flowing blood quickly fills the vessels in the cavernous bodies of the male genital organ. Blood is a tissue that consists of 55% plasma and 45% corpuscles: leukocytes, erythrocytes, platelets.

There are many reasons due to which the blood viscosity rises and the potency weakens.Congenital are extremely rare, but the acquired ones boil down to the following:

  • aging;
  • alcohol;
  • smoking;
  • obesity;
  • dehydration;
  • long bed rest (trauma, surgery, stroke);
  • hypodynamia;
  • ecology, radiation, heavy metals;
  • microbes;
  • stress;
  • lack of omega-3;
  • burns;
  • hypothermia;
  • medicines (diuretics, NSAIDs);
  • inflammation;
  • many diseases lead to blood clots:
    • hypertension,
    • Ischemic heart disease,
    • diabetes,
    • stroke,
    • cirrhosis of the liver,
    • pancreatitis. The list goes on.

Erectile dysfunction due to nerves

  • A psycho-traumatic situation can be caused by neuroses coming from childhood. For example, the fear of inserting the penis into the vagina.
  • The fear of not getting up can be complete or partial. Let’s say that the first mishap when the cock didn’t get up was with a long-haired blonde. Such a guy will not have problems with brunettes or redheads, and for a girl with blond long hair, as they say, “not worth it”.
  • There is a fear of not satisfying a partner. It’s good that modern women are sexier. The bad news is that they lost their sense of tact. From her lips, offensive, offensive words for man’s dignity easily come off, lowly assessing his role in bed. The situation repeated itself once more … the failure expectation syndrome is formed!

How to tell if a man has problems

Every man who has experienced a fiasco in bed will understand that there is something in his life that weakens potency. If the situation repeats itself, panic and anxiety increase. At this stage, it is important to determine – to which group of causes of weak potency a particular situation belongs, whether there are differences between organic and psychogenic dysfunctions.

Develops graduallyArises abruptly
No traumatic situationThere is a traumatic situation
No night and morning erectionThere is a spontaneous erection in the morning and at night.

In the medical environment, there is a criterion – if out of 4 attempts to make intercourse, 1 ends in “failure” – the potency is weak. This is a reason to see a doctor.

What doctor should I start with?

  1. If you managed to independently determine the psychogenic type of loss of male strength, it is useful to undergo a course of treatment with a sex therapist, backing it up with physiotherapy along with exercise therapy. It is possible that you will be offered a psychotherapeutic course. 
  2. Organic reasons for a weak potency require starting an examination with a urologist or andrologist, possibly other specialists will be involved during treatment – a cardiologist, a neuropathologist, an endocrinologist.

Why you should definitely see a doctor

Perhaps someone would prefer a friend’s advice. There is an option – to find a solution to the problem on the forums. Maybe someone will go to the pharmacy to buy “crutches” for a drooping penis in the form of Viagra. The problem will most likely be resolved. One-time.


  • you will not advance a step in recognizing the causes of poor potency;
  • you run the risk of missing time, which is important for the treatment of the disease, the symptom of which may have become a weak erection (diabetes, atherosclerosis, etc.);
  • an untreated cause will aggravate the situation; after a while, an increase in the dose will be required, which, in the presence of serious side effects, will negatively affect health;
  • you become addicted: there is a pill – sex, the pharmacy is closed – no sex?

Therefore, the purpose of visiting a doctor is to establish the cause of weak erectile function and its adequate therapy.

Diagnostic methods

  1. The initial conversation between the doctor and the patient involves a thorough history taking. The doctor will find out:
    1. the presence of bad habits, chronic diseases;
    2. surgery or injury to the perineum, pelvis, penis;
    3. radiation therapy or taking medication temporarily or permanently.
  2. The patient should tell the doctor about how erectile dysfunction began, how quickly potency is deteriorating, whether there is a reaction to self-stimulation. There will also be a question about the quality and speed of the onset of orgasm, ejaculation.
  3. An examination is carried out for the presence of genital infections or andrological diseases: prostatitis, adenoma, epididymitis:
    1. possibly a digital examination of the prostate;
    2. Ultrasound of the prostate gland, penis. The method allows you to assess the state of the vessels of the penis, measure the blood pressure in the arteries of the penis, identify scars, fibrosis.

Special techniques include:

  • penile innervation test (bulbocavernous reflex, functional state of the nerve);
  • registration of night erection with special sensors;
  • biotensiometry or vibration test.

After establishing the exact reasons for the weakened potency, treatment can begin.

Classical medical methods for increasing potency

Improving potency is achieved in many ways, including:

  • single-dose medications to quickly improve sexual performance;
  • courses of drug therapy to eliminate the causes from which the penis is badly worth it;
  • surgery.


  1. Single dose – well-known drugs from the group of PDE5 inhibitors : Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and the like. They have contraindications and serious side effects, but they provide a fairly fast onset of an erection, prolong sexual intercourse, and help to get brighter sensations from orgasm. One tablet prevents difficulty in having sex for 5 to 36 hours. 
  2. You can be treated with a course of the drug Impaza. 

Preparations for improving, increasing potency can be of original origin or generics.

Disease therapy

which caused the symptom of dysfunction should be carried out under the strict supervision of two doctors – an andrologist and a narrow specialist (or therapist). As soon as the doctor announces your complete recovery or remission, potency may return. Sometimes you may need a little stimulation with symptomatic drugs like Viagra.

Surgical methods

will not let the member fall under any circumstances. The introduction of implants, balloonoplasty, phalloprostheses with shape memory is performed. The surgical method is the leading one in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, cicatricial changes, and the consequences of trauma.

Erection disappears during intercourse

What to do if during intercourse there is a sharp decline in activity and the penis weakens? This is a strong nervous stress for both partners, possibly an early sign of impotence. The reason may be the usual overwork of the man or the indelicate behavior of the partner (the phrase thrown inappropriately: “Let’s order suspended ceilings!”).

  1. Try changing your posture to avoid blood drainage:
    1. traditional – a man on top;
    2. knee-elbow – man behind.
  2. Themselves or ask your partner to squeeze the penis with your fingers at its base until it is completely immersed in the vagina;
  3. Half of the successful way out of the situation is the behavior of the woman. If she loves, understands her man, she will find the right words to get this unpleasant episode out of her head. The partner needs support and reassurance. A woman can try to lift a fallen penis with a gentle massage of the testicles, penis, suggest a role play or a non-standard position.
  4. If the impact on the penis failed, he does not want to stand, there is no need to worry. A man should have a solution in stock how to bring a woman to orgasm by caressing her erogenous zones.

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

  • Synthetic testosterone preparations are prescribed only by a doctor in those rare cases when a decrease in its level has been proven in hypogonadism or other hormonal pathology.
  • Many somatic diseases can reduce testosterone, as well as taking antipsychotics, diuretics, cardiac glycosides, and fever.
  • A decrease in testosterone may be suspected by the size of the waist circumference in men. The condition of the norm is less than 102 cm. Weight loss, normalization of nutrition, sports exercises help to improve the production of testosterone. It is definitely recommended to quit smoking, reduce alcohol intake, and organize a work / rest schedule. If you happen to get tired at work, have a good rest at home.


Increased testosterone is promoted by“Bad” foods that disrupt testosterone synthesis
Red grapes;avocado;tuna;honey;cabbage;Garnet;eggs;milk;garlic;venison.salt;sugar;white bread and pastries;instant coffee and soda;smoked meats;fatty beef, pork, chicken;fat milk;soy;vegetable oils, namely flaxseed, corn, soy;beer, not to mention the stronger alcohol.

Fasting and vegetarianism decrease testosterone levels.

Age is a natural reason why testosterone levels begin to drop.


Basic exercises for all muscle groups after 2-3 days of recovery have a positive effect on the man’s body and increase the production of the male hormone.

LOD therapy

Local negative pressure is used to both eliminate lethargy and enlarge the penis. It is carried out in a medical facility under the supervision of a health worker.

  • A special cylinder is put on the penis, which is connected to the compressor by a system of tubes.
  • Alternating negative and positive pressure on the manometer, they create an increase in blood flow to the cavernous bodies.

Weak potency is treated with similar vacuum-effect devices for home use.

General methods of maintaining a good erection

Treatment of poor potency and its prevention begins at a young age.

  • Morning exercises, engaging in various sports halfway prevent sexual dysfunctions, but according to men’s reviews, special exercise complexes have a much more prophylactic focus.
  • One of them is the Kegel complex. The goal is to increase the tone of the pelvic floor muscles, eliminate congestion in the small pelvis.
    • The 4 main exercises are enhanced by a large number of additional exercises.
    • All of them can be done at home.
    • The main attention is paid to the pubic-coccygeal muscle.

With regular exercises 2 times a day, the result will appear in a month and a half.

Traditional methods

It is possible to treat weak potency with folk methods in isolation from complex therapy for years. The impact will be mild. Dysfunctions, impotence are successfully cured only with complex treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Eat more:

  • walnuts;
  • celery;
  • ginger;
  • ginseng;
  • vegetables (onions, garlic, carrots);
  • fresh pumpkin seeds.

Recipes for making tinctures, decoctions from herbs passed down through the generation, can be found on the forums:

  • Lemon balm tea with St. John’s wort.
  • Of the infusions, valerian rhizome with St. John’s wort, immortelle flowers, and parsley with chamomile are popular.
  • Aloe infusion with honey is prepared on Cahors wine.
  • On white semi-sweet wine, prepare a tincture of iron.

Prevention of age-related dysfunction

Advice from urologist and andrologist – do not postpone prophylaxis for your old years. Start at a young age:

  • give up bad habits;
  • do a set of exercises for the muscles of the pelvic floor;
  • go in for sports;
  • avoid stress;
  • eat right;
  • do not overwork, arrange a night’s sleep for 7-8 hours;

Do not give up sex: both lack and excess are equally harmful!

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