What to do if burned for masturbation?

Many masturbate, but are caught in the process of unit. How to behave in a similar situation? How to explain what is happening, and is it necessary to do this? It all depends on who witnessed self-satisfaction and what the consequences may be.

Parents burned for masturbation

Very often, parents catch their children at the moment they receive sexual release. This can happen at any age. And often causes great shame.

How to react: no need to scandalize or make excuses. This is a natural process that does not affect health, does not cause negative consequences. Both boys and girls masturbate. And at any age – this is normal. What to do: It is not necessary to discuss something with parents. But it will be appropriate to ask to knock before entering the room. 


Burned for masturbation at work

Masturbating at work is not accepted. And different punishments may follow. And it all depends on who discovered what is happening.

  • If the boss burned. It can behave differently, and it is important to understand how it is configured. If there was no immediate dismissal, then there is no need to fear further. It is not appropriate to ask for forgiveness or to say that “this will not happen again.” It is worth forgetting about it and not get caught in the future. 
  • If you saw colleagues. You also need to wait for their reaction. The probability that they will go to tell this to the authorities is very small. But they can discuss it among themselves, spread rumors. Sometimes an unpleasant nickname is stuck. And someone may refuse to communicate. But it happens that aggression does not occur, everything is quickly forgotten. And with colleagues, you just have to laugh it off, and not go into explanations and excuses. 
  • If female colleagues have become witnesses. This is an uncomfortable situation for a man if he was caught for masturbation. There is a chance that all the ladies will refuse to communicate. It is difficult for a man in such a situation to restore his reputation. If women caught another woman, settling embarrassment would be much easier. A normal dialogue will save the situation. 

A completely different situation if the business owner himself masturbates at work. No one can influence him, and the rumors of workers will quickly be forgotten.

Burned for masturbation a loved one

If a couple has a ban on masturbation, then the identification of such circumstances can cause resentment for a loved one. In this case, do not deny the fact of this action, it will look stupid. But it is important to discuss what happened.

Sex with a partner and self-satisfaction are completely different processes, one does not exclude the other. And this is normal, not a bad thing. And adults should talk about it.

Masturbation does not require much effort. This is a quick way to release stress. She saves, if a loved one does not have the strength or desire to make love.

The only moment when the insult is justified is when there is no sex in a couple, and masturbation is present. And one of the partners wants intimacy, but does not get it. In this case, a frank conversation about needs is also useful . But there is no point in blaming masturbation, it is important to identify problems in a couple and solve them.  

How to masturbate unnoticed

In order not to be caught up in self-satisfaction, you need to choose the right approach to the process. For example, use sex toys with remote control. They give pleasure even in crowded places, but do not allow to be opened. What are these objects?

  • Anal plugs with vibration. Used by women and men. A special form is not visible under clothes, does not constrain movements. The vibrations are silent. Some models are controlled from a smartphone, which is convenient. 
  • Vibrotruses. Accessory for women only. Clitoral stimulation gives maximum stimulation. A mini device with a motor is hidden in the linen. 
  • Vibro eggs. A small object is immersed in the woman’s vagina, and vibrates there. Stimulation occurs at once of several internal points, which often leads to orgasm. 

Remote sex toys can be used for several hours in a row. And the chance of being caught with them is very small.

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