When Socks Are Bored: 10 Role-Playing Games and Lingerie for February 23rd

Are you ashamed to slip socks on a guy again? Not sure what to give a man on February 23? We offer you a spicy scenario: present men’s erotic lingerie and bring your loved one to bliss by arranging role-playing games. After all, the realization of sexual fantasies is one of the best gifts for a man.

Ladies, let’s be honest – we are extremely unfair in terms of gifts. On our own holidays, we crave something interesting, romantic. How about February 23rd? For decades, girls have been disheartening boys by donating socks and shaving kits. Let’s truly delight our loved ones this time by giving them passion! How to implement an undertaking? You can surprise your loved one with an interesting set of lingerie, using it as part of an outfit in role-playing games. 

1. Real colonel + camouflage thong

February 23 – Defender’s Day. If a man is fond of military topics, and the girl is excited by the appearance of a military uniform, then you can play a spicy scenario with the interrogation of a prisoner of war. Of course, you can’t do without entourage. Camouflage underwear will be a good complement to the look. Men’s G-string with mesh on the thighs is what you need to emphasize the impressive dignity of the guy. Khaki color with protective camouflage spots will ideally fit into the theme of the age-old men’s holiday. 

2. Good cop, bad cop + cop costume

One of the most popular scenarios for role-playing games – one partner pretends to be a naughty criminal, and the other pretends to be a cop. An important aspect of this scenario is the imitation of a search. For example, a guy dresses up as a policeman, tells the girl to stand against the wall, legs apart, and then carefully examines her body with his hands. In this case, you can smoothly move on to the options for sex positions in a standing position. For props, you can use handcuffs and, of course, police-style underwear. Navy blue nylon shorts (with translucent mesh panels on the sides) and a stylish strap look good when paired with a short tie for a touch of severity. 


3. My Hero + Superman Costume

Men remain boys with age: they love stories about superheroes. If your loved one is also delighted with the comic book universes about brave guys in raincoats, then you can give him underwear, say, in the style of Superman. Let your friend pretend to be a fragile girl in trouble, allowing her beloved to carry her in her arms and embody her cherished fantasies in the bedroom. For a superhero game, a nylon and elastane suit is perfect. The set consists of red underpants, a red cape and a blue T-shirt with the Superman logo. 

4. Strict chef + thong with tie

Another ultra-popular idea for a role-playing evening – a guy pretends to be a strict boss, and a girl plays the role of a secretary. You can add spice and humor to the game by inviting the man to wear seductive panties with a tie. What to choose? Elegant polyester thongs are suitable, in the pubic area decorated with an interesting pattern resembling a jacket (from under which you can see the white collar of a shirt) with a tie tied. 

5. Gallant man + gentleman’s suit

The word “gentleman” (literally translated from English) means – “gentle man.” If your loved one has refined and good manners, then why not act out a play in which a girl dresses up as a true lady, and her lover appears in the guise of a gentleman?

What kind of underwear to give a man for such a game? Choose erotic costumes with bow tie, cuffs and black and white fabrics. As, for example, in this set, where on translucent panties the most interesting place of the male body is playfully covered by an imitation shirt with buttons. 

6. Sexy garcon + waiter shorts

What about an erotic game of seducing a sexy waiter? This play can be part of the breakfast served in bed. But it’s best to move on to her after or even during a romantic dinner. Comfortable pants made of polyamide and elastane are suitable for games with the waiter. The model has a fun tuxedo style with a bow tie, collar and buttons. 

7. Dangerous predator + leopard thong

Love passionate sex with growls, bites and back scratching? Then do the safari-themed RPGs with carnivorous looks. Of course, linen should be made of fabric with animal prints: tiger stripes or leopard spots. 

8. Stripper + boxers with a bow

Not all guys are aware that many girls secretly dream of admiring male striptease. So why not turn sexual fantasy into spicy foreplay? Let the guy put on unusual underwear (for example, wearing panties with a gift bow) and surprise his passion with an erotic dance.

9. French cat + panties with a zipper

The vast majority of guys just love it when girls give them a blowjob. Oral sex in role-playing games can be integrated in different ways, for example, dressing up as a kitty and pampering your loved one with your tongue and lips. By the way, the word “minette” itself is translated from French as “kitty”. Special underpants with a zipper will help you quickly get down to the strategically important area of ​​the man’s body. And for a man to be guaranteed to go crazy with pleasure, learn the secrets of the throat blowjob technique. 10. Shy Guy + Universal Boxers 

Dressing up can be a spicy element of role-playing games, but let’s be honest – not all men like to wear fancy costumes. Does your beloved one prefer strict underwear that is suitable for both role-playing sex and regular wear? Fortunately, plain boxers for men can be very seductive.

Are you going to bring variety to your intimate life? If your soul is yearning for experimentation, we suggest that you explore the ideas of fashionable sex toys as a gift. And to make these gifts really pleasant, we advise you to first find out about intimate etiquette and how to give sex toys correctly. For those who have not found an idea for a role-playing game, we suggest looking at a selection of scenarios for role-playing sex. Try new ideas, embark on bold experiments, introducing role-playing games and sex toys into your intimate life, surprise each other with erotic lingerie. Life is too short to have sex only in the dark, covered in missionary position. Be original and creative. All love and enchanting orgasms!   

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